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AutoCAD 2017 products available to order online

Design every detail with AutoCAD 2017 software

Design every detail with AutoCAD 2017 software

AutoCAD 2017 products available at competitive prices.

Many products now only available as 'rental' licences; this includes all standalone products such as AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, etc. Autodesk Design Suites can still be purchased before August this year.

Autodesk often introduce promotions on certain products; please call us on 01992 807419 for details.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 software connects and streamlines your design workflow like never before. New Design Feed social collaboration tools drive greater project stakeholder involvement. Time-saving enhancements help speed your everyday workflow. And with live maps and powerful new reality capture capabilities, AutoCAD connects your designs to the real world around you.

AutoCAD 2017 - Solutions for Design, Build and Management!

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Autodesk 'Subscription' (Rental)

Autodesk 'Subscription' (Rental)

Now renamed as Autodesk Subscription, the rental options on Autodesk software are now available up to three years, to meet a variety of business and budget needs such as taking on finite projects, or hiring temporary staff.

There are many reasons for renting software on a quarterly or annual basis, such as

•Working on a project that needs additional licenses, new software for a few months
•Developing a speculative tender/bid
•Working on a joint venture
•Needing specific tools for a limited period
•Trial a product for an extended time before deciding to invest
• Network rental (known as 'Multi-User Subscription') is now available on many products

Further details available here

Autodesk Industry Collections

From 31st July 2016, Autodesk will stop selling new perpetual AND subscription licences for the Design & Creation Suites. At this time they will introduce Industry Collections.

Much like the Design & Creation Suites, Autodesk Collections are a combination of the most commonly used Autodesk applications by industry. These will be available as a single-user subscription on quarterly, annual and multi-year terms. On a multi-user deployment, Collections will be available on annual and multi-year terms.

Further details available here
Autodesk Industry Collections

New Products

BIM Level 2 and Business Integration

BIM Level 2 and Business Integration

In April 2016, BIM Level 2 was introduced as a required standard for all government construction projects. This document takes a look at the importance of adopting BIM as an integral part of your business that fits with your strategy and vision.

The deadline for implementation has now passed and BIM Level 2 has been officially declared as the required standard going forward for Government projects. Suppliers to the Government stand to gain both operational efficiencies and business growth opportunities by complying with the mandate. If you do not currently supply services to the public sector, and have no plans to do so, perhaps your feeling is that you can work round the BIM requirement. This then raises the question of how confident
you would be about your future growth prospects?

The business value of BIM:

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills now has a website dedicated to BIM Level 22. The site defines BIM Level 2 as “…a collaborative way of working underpinned by digital technologies…a series of domain and collaborative federated models. The models, consisting of both 3D geometrical and non-graphical data, are prepared by different parties during the project lifecycle within the context of a common data environment. Using proprietary information exchanges between various systems, project participants will have the means necessary to provide defined and validated outputs via digital transactions in a structured and reusable form.”

The collaboration to which the above extract refers is largely expected to generate cost reductions of up to 20% for public sector assets. This expectation offers a benchmark for the benefits that the entire supply chain can reasonably anticipate. Cost alone, however, is not the only benefit. The world is digital; perhaps far more so than when the Government first stated its plans back in 2011. As we all now know, a week is a long time in the digital world. The acceleration in the rate at which data is collected, and the vastly refined sophistication with which it is sliced and diced, analysed and leveraged, has changed society forever. Data has changed our expectations as consumers around levels of service we demand from companies we buy from. It has transformed manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, local government, higher education, defence, aerospace and, significantly, the built environment; or, rather, how that environment is now being built.

What's stopping you?

Confusion, trepidation, or cynicism about the value of BIM are ways of seeing the future that simply get in the way of progress. Industry professionals should note, however, that any perceived ‘upheaval’ in moving to the adoption of working with BIM models is really no more than the slight tremor that rumbles through any business when the culture changes; it is simply a migration from the present comfort zone into a new and probably more comfortable zone. Adjustments are necessary but they do not represent insurmountable hurdles. New roles are involved, as people learn how to interpret and create the models. Processes will change, but will become more streamlined. The path for BIM adoption can seem difficult to navigate. BIM comes with an entire ecosystem of new standards, technologies and toolsets that make it easier to deliver business value when the integrated processes under the BIM banner are fully leveraged. The trick is in talking to experts who know how to integrate BIM software with existing systems, and who can guide you through the many options available to you and can help train your staff quickly to ease the change. It’s a change that aligns to more efficient achievement of objectives and enhanced business outcomes for AEC firms and, ultimately, their customers.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of BIM software and services, Excitech offers impartial, subject matter expert advice across the Architectural, Engineering andTh
Construction sector (including owner-operators and facilities managers) on how the BIM Level 2 mandate can fit into your business, ensuring appropriate and
proportionate adoption and successful implementation. If you need guidance on the impact that BIM Level 2 will have and how it can be successfully integrated into your
business, require support and subject matter expertise for your first BIM project or need support to hit data quality targets, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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